General Terms and Conditions

Standard reservations
You may cancel your reservation by no later than 12 pm on your day of arrival. For any later cancellation the Hotel “Rödelheimer Hof” is entitled to charge 90% of the aggregated amount.

Group reservations
If you wish to cancel your reservation of a group (at least 6 rooms), you need to do so by no later than 21 days before your arrival date, if you do not so, the Hotel “Rödelheimer Hof” is entitled to charge 90% from the aggregated amount.
exception: you are able to cancel 10% of the reserved rooms, three days before the arrival date (the points mentioned above are invalid during exhibitions).

Reservations during Exhibitions
If you wish to cancel a reservation during Exhibitions, you need to do so by no later than 60 days before your arrival date. If you do not do so or if your cancellation is delayed please be aware that the Hotel “Rödelheimer Hof” is entitled to charge you 80% from the aggregated amount. We reserve the right to charge a surcharge for bookings made during trade fair periods.
Exhibition- and group reservations are generally confirmed with a valid credit card or a written assumption of all costs by your company.
In case of a cancellation any time after the deadline for cancellations, The Hotel
“Rödelheimer Hof“ is entitled to charge up to 50% of the aggregated amount.
All reservations are confirmed with a written confirmation letter including the cancellation deadlines that are relevant for any cancellation.
For reservations that are booked online, the terms agreed on are valid.
Terms that are agreed on but are not explained here are in need of a written confirmation in order to be valid.
Premature departures can be charged with 100% of the aggregated amount.
The booked rooms are provided from 2 pm on the day of arrival and
your room will be provided till 12 pm on the day of departure.
Our prices are mutable and are generally depending on seasons.
legal domicile is Frankfurt am Main
Frankfurt January, 4th 2010

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